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Here are a few Pro's and Con's to consider when purchasing a digital piano

The Advantages of Digital Pianos
Less Expensive - One of the principal advantages of a digital piano is that they are significantly cheaper than traditional pianos. For many people, a real piano would be impossible to afford. Therefore, a digital model is a wonderful alternative. After all, as a beginner, it is impossible to reach your maximum potential without being able to practice regularly.
Smaller, Lighter - Digital pianos are also more compact and, subsequently, can be placed in a home of any size. Traditional instruments, particularly horizontal piano, such as the baby grand, can only be owned by those with large living spaces. Similarly, a digital piano is more portable than a real piano and therefore can be transported with ease when necessary.
Never have to tune - Unlike real pianos, digital pianos do not need any form of maintenance. Not only does a digital piano not require tuning, but it can also be placed in any room, because heat, moisture and humidity will not damage the instrument. Subsequently, owning a digital piano is more convenient for most learning pianists.
If you live in an apartment, a digital piano may be particularly advisable, for not only the reasons already mentioned, but also because digital pianos have volume control features. Therefore, you can practice without the fear of disturbing your neighbors.
In addition, digital pianos can be incredibly useful during the learning process, as many models have recording and playback features, which allow you to review your practice and identify any mistakes that you may have made.

Disadvantages of Digital Pianos
Less Dynamic - Despite the convenience of digital pianos, it is true that a digital model cannot compare with the sound and feel of the real thing.  Moreover, only particularly sophisticated models of digital piano are able to mimic the key dynamics of a real piano. In other words, in most models of digital piano, the volume of a note is not affected by how hard or softly the key is pressed.
The Real thing - Although some of the more expensive digital pianos are designed beautifully, most digital pianos cannot offer the aesthetic value of a real piano.
When purchasing any kind of piano, it is wise to do some research and discover which type of instrument is right for you and your home. It is also advisable to test the instruments in the show room before purchase. Digital pianos are a wonderful alternative for those who do not have the finances or room for a real piano. However, if you are able to afford a traditional piano and you have space in your house for one, then nothing can beat the sound, feel and sight of the real thing.
Article Source: Mary Ann Evans, AssociatedContent