Ms Dianne's Piano Fort McMurray

Studio Cancellation Policy


Enrolling for lessons is a purchase of teacher and studio time. When you enrol yourself or your child in a lesson, a lesson plan is prepared IN ADVANCE to be free from interruptions and distractions. Your teacher plans to spend that time the best way possible to evaluate, and then move the student ahead in their studies.

  • Please be considerate of all other students who are waiting for a spot, eager to learn music, and the teacher waiting to teach them!
  • All lessons are prepaid by month.
  • If teacher will be absent for your pre-arranged lesson time, a make-up credit will be issued, and the make-up will be used during the school year it was incurred.
  • If student is absent for a lesson, no make up will be issued.
  • Should you decide to stop lessons after paying for the month, there is no refund.
  • The studio will accept cancellations with 48 hour notice. Chronic absences, or an attendance record of less than 85 percent over a 90 day period may have you moved to the wait list, or second tier list depending on availability. This is at Ms Dianne's discretion. Other factors may contribute to this placement, and each student is evaluated individually.
  • Cancellations within the 48 hour period are payable in full.