Ms Dianne's Piano Fort McMurray

Ms Dianne (Didi) Perry, Musician, Mentor, Entrepreneur

Nurturing creativity in others, forging self confidence through performance, and expedite another’s discovery of their own creative flow through musical expression is my life-long goal.  Over a thirty five year span, I carved out an entrepreneurial arts career, a collection of creative works that combine Music, Visual, and Performing Arts.  There is no secret formula to fame and fortune - in fact fame and fortune are just by products.   I can tell you with certainty that it takes a willingness to be vulnerable, and the courage to trust in the process, even when times are challenging.  It’s hard to feel the fear, and do it anyways.  But the freedom and connection I experience when expressing myself through music births feelings of pure joy in my being that ultimately shadows any fear. So I ask “How can I keep this to myself?!”  I found a great recipe, and I want to share it with the world - offer a taste to everyone,  so they may feel as liberated and free as I do when in the creative process making music in whatever form that is.

My ingredients are always evolving. The methods I use to express music, to share music, to shape my own flavour is different than thirty years ago, and I constantly seek people and circumstances that foster growth in my skills as a musician, visual artist, actor, director and mentor.  In uniting with like minded individuals, I am further enhanced by the belief that there is something about understanding the language of music that makes us very unique, and at the same time very similar. 

To facilitate and encourage the birth of another’s liberation through the act of musical expression is a precious thing to nurture. I hold that responsibility with great tenderness, wrap it with love,  feed it with support, and sprinkle every moment with a good layer of fun. I hope to pass on my knowledge, and my love of music to others.  I relish in the delights of the creative process and like a kid on Christmas eve, I wait with bated breath to observe the results of a creative collaboration - The Show!   What a present to unwrap!  No two are ever the same, and yet every one is as exhilarating as the one before it. 

I am committed to my way of life as an artist, whether I am performing myself, or teaching another to do the same.  I strive to reveal the creative flow that lives within each one of us so we may each experience oneness through the magical energy, and language of music.