Ms Dianne's Piano Fort McMurray

♪Welcome to Ms Dianne's Piano in Fort McMurray♪

Ms Dianne structures music learning to suit you, your goals, your schedule, in short, your life. 

But, here are a few things you need to start

           You will need to own a piano, or keyboard, prior to starting lessons.

Piano students will need a Clavinova, or similar weighted key electronic piano, or a real stringed piano in good condition. (tuning service available). 

Vocal students at the very minimum will need a keyboard, and access to you tube.

You will need time in your schedule to practice EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Practice time varies, anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour, but EVERY DAY is key.  Attending your child's lesson is encouraged, in fact he/she will progress faster through the early stages if you know what they should be practicing.

Some videotaping is allowed for study purposes.

    Make sure you understand the cancellation policies. Read them here:

    Sign up for a minimum of one semester.

After the semester is over, usually six weeks,you may cancel with notice. See cancellation policies.

    Enrolment in an accredited program is optional.

    Information about Certifications with the Royal Conservatory of Music can be found here:

     Information about Certifications with the Canadian Conservatory can be found here: